Reflections: the interview for candidates


I made my self-analysis. I was asked about how much I know about the new role I´m assuming. Teaching is more than sharing knowledge and more than being prepared. I might be learning the most I can about everything. I need to be conscious about the world on which I stand. I started this course thinking on me as someone interested in learning new english features but I realized I have to be awake to a new way of living. I can never forget foreign languages are alive and changing. I must change with them too.

The aim of the course has changed for me. Instead of being static and just learning as a passive person I want to open my eyes to the environment. I desire to learn about me by watching others. I need to get involved into the variety of people, into their feelings, perceptions and needs. I have to be staring how we learn in the real life in order to get this better. After the reflections made in the candidates interview, I found myself in my daily journey feeling a strong desire to be more focused on my surroundings. I feel sensitive about everything.

I think I ought to take notes about the world around me and learn every day from it.





Initially I want you to know this is my first post ever and I´m so excited about starting with this trip into the posting world. I´ve already listened about publishing through wordpress for the TKT course and I find it useful and interesting. I´m eager for sharing ideas via internet and also I want to know about the way students are approaching this experience in other latitudes. This stage will be an important opportunity to feed in different topics and to solve issues by comparing similar experiences from other users.

Looking at myself writing a post makes me think we build our targets everyday. I didn’t really realize this moment was about to arrive for me. I took the decision of getting into this because the course inspires me to be better. Now that I’m supposed to have special words for this opening moment I can´t find the correct terms that express my feelings the way I would have loved. I remember those moments when I dreamt about being part of a project like this and I can’t believe right now my mind is going blank. I ought to say it, this is an important step in my life and I just want it to be special since the beginning to the end.

After all this, I want to say I´ll do my best to achieve this goal. I´ll be sharing ideas, feelings and my thoughts here during this journey. The TKT course is about learning a lot of vocabulary but also about developing skills so I hope I can be improving them daily. I´ll try to share with you my apprenticeship and I hope we can feed back each other too.

I´m officially opening this, so welcome!